Prokopp Mária - Curriculum vitae



Name: Maria PROKOPP

Place of birth: Budapest, Hungary

Date of birth: 25. 03. 1939


Present position: Professor of Medieval and Renaissance Art

At the Institut of Art History of the University Eötvös Lorand in Budapest, Hungary


Degrees and Diplomas:


1995: Habilitation at the Eötvös Lorand University of Budapest, Hungary

          Thesis: Sassetta’s early period and his contemporaires in Siena.


1976: Candidat’s degree of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

          Thesis: Italian Trecento Influence on Murals in East-Central Europe, particularly in Hungary, Budapest, 1983.


1967: PhD – University Eötvös Lorand of Budapest

          Trecento Murals in the region Gömör of the Hungarian Kingdom


1962: MA-Diplom of Art History and History at the University Eötvös Lorand

          Thesis: Trecento Murals in the Royal Castle in Esztergom /Hungary


Places of work:

1962-68: Esztergom/Hungary, Royal Castle Museum

from 01. 01. 1969: University Eötvös Lorand, Institute of Art History


Awards: 1978: Gyula Pasteiner – Medal of the Hungarian Art History Society

              1990: Arnold  Ipolyi – Medal of the Hungarian Art History Society


Fellowships: 1968, 1977, 1992, 1996: in Italy : Hungarian Academy in Rome, 1981, 1985: Florence: Villa I Tatti The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies


Lectures at International Conferences:

1969: Ravenna

1969: Budapest, XXII. Congress of CIHA

1975: Köln: St. Anno-Exhibition

1977: Poznan: Central European Gothic Mural Painting

1978: Köln: Parler – Conference

1983: Halle: Central European Romanesque Mural Painting

1986: Niedzica/Polonia : Late Gothic Painting in Central-Europe

1994: Udine: Restoration of Mural Painting

1996: Rome-Naples: Congress of Hungarology


Lectures with teachers mobilities at the Universities of Padova 1999

                                                                             of  Rome, La Sapienza  2003

                                                                             of Firenze 2004

                                                                             of Perugia 2005


I am Erasmus-coordinator at the Institut of Art History of the University ELTE .


We have agreement with the Instituts of Art History of the Universities of WIEN, INNSBRUCK, DIJON, MILANO, PADOVA, VENEZIA, UDINE, FIRENZE, PERUGIA, ROMA, POZNAN