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All courses at our Institute are available for foreign students in a personal consultation system with the professors leading the courses. The language of the consultations can be primarily in English and in other languages depending on the courses (German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian etc.)

COURSES IN THE AUTUMN TERM (September to December)

Undergraduate courses (BA)

MŰV-101Introduction to Art HistoryL4
MŰV-110Proseminar in ArchitectureS3
MŰV-121Introduction to IconographyL4
MŰV-230Art and Architecture of Classical AntiquityL2
MŰV-270Art and Architecture of the 15th CenturyL3
MŰV-280Art and Architecture in Hungary before 1526L3
MŰV-291Seminar: Medieval ArtS3
MŰV-300Art and Architecture of the 16th CenturyL3
MŰV-310Field Practice: Medieval ArtS3
MŰV-370Architecture in the 20th and 21st CenturiesL3
MŰV-401Art in the 20th and 21st CenturiesL3
MŰV-410Hungarian Art and Architecture in the 20th and 21st CenturiesL3
MŰV-420Seminar: Art in the 19th to 21st CenturiesS3
MŰV-440Directed Reading in a Foreign LanguageS3
MŰV-460Field Practice: Art in the 19th to 21st CenturiesS3

Graduate courses (MA)

MŰVD-101History and Methodologies of Art History, Pt. 1L4
MŰVD-103Museum and Monument Preservation StudiesL4
MŰVD-201Methodological Issues in Medieval and Renaissance ArtL4
MŰVD-202Methodological Issues in Early Modern ArtL4
MŰVD-205Hungarian Art, Pt. 1: Before 1800L4
MŰVD-207Seminar in European Art and ArchitectureS2
MŰVD-209Seminar in Museum and Monument Preservation StudiesS2
MŰVD-401Medieval Art and ArchitectureL6
MŰVD-403Medieval Art and ArchitectureL6
MŰVD-405Seminar: Medieval Art in EuropeS4
MŰVD-407Seminar: Current Research on Medieval ArtS4
MŰVD-501Early Modern Art and ArchitectureL6
MŰVD-503Early Modern Art and ArchitectureL6
MŰVD-505Seminar: Early Modern Art in EuropeS4
MŰVD-507Seminar: Current Research on Early Modern ArtS4
MŰVD-601Art and Architecture in the 19th to 21st CenturiesL6
MŰVD-603Art and Architecture in the 19th to 21st CenturiesL6
MŰVD-605Seminar: European and American Art in the 19th to 21st CenturiesS4
MŰVD-607Seminar: Current Research on Modern ArtS4


Undergraduate courses (BA)

MŰV-200Introduction to the Applied ArtsL3
MŰV-210Proseminar in Painting and SculptureS3
MŰV-220Introduction to Heritage StudiesS3
MŰV-240Late Antique and Byzantine Art and ArchitectureL3
MŰV-250Early Medieval and Romanesque Art and ArchitectureL3
MŰV-260Gothic Art and and ArchitectureL3
MŰV-320Art and Architecture in the 17th and 18th CenturiesL3
MŰV-330Art and Architecture in Hungary 1526 to 1800L3
MŰV-340Primary Source AnalysisS3
MŰV-350Seminar: Early Modern ArtS3
MŰV-360Field Practice: Early Modern ArtS3
MŰV-38119th Century Art and ArchitectureL3
MŰV-39019th Century Art and Architecture in HungaryL3
MŰV-430Contemporary ArtL3

Graduate courses (MA)

MŰVD-102History and Methodologies of Art History, Pt. 2L4
MŰVD-203Methodological Issues in 19th Century ArtL4
MŰVD-204Methodological Issues in Modern ArtL4
MŰVD-206Hungarian Art, Pt. 2: After 1800L4
MŰVD-208Seminar in Hungarian Art and ArchitectureL2
MŰVD-402Medieval Art and ArchitectureL6
MŰVD-404Medieval Art and ArchitectureL6
MŰVD-406Seminar: Medieval Art in HungaryS4
MŰVD-502Early Modern Art and ArchitectureL6
MŰVD-504Early Modern Art and ArchitectureL6
MŰVD-506Seminar: Early Modern Art in HungaryS4
MŰVD-602Art and Architecture in the 19th to 21st CenturiesL6
MŰVD-604Art and Architecture in the 19th to 21st CenturiesL6
MŰVD-606Seminar: Hungarian Art in the 19th to 21st CenturiesS4

* L = lectures with exam; S = seminar

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